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Extreme Couponing UK: How Shoppers Can Find Hot UK Deals

Extreme Couponing UK: How Shoppers Can Find Hot UK Deals

Remember that television show Supermarket Sweep? It involved contestants running around the supermarket trying to get as many good deals as they possibly could, loading their trolleys full of whatever they could get their hands on.

Hosted by the late, great Dale Winton it showed how crazy we usually reserved Brits can get when there’s a bargain to be found.  

But how many of us really pull out all the stops to make sure we get the best deals every time we go shopping? 

By doing a bit of Googling before you head out on your next supermarket shop you can find a host of supermarket vouchers and coupons to save you some serious pounds. 

Here’s how to secure hot UK deals. 

Collect Those Vouchers and Coupons For Hot UK Deals

Before you start to think about what offers are right for you and how you save the most amount of money, it’s time to become a magpie...

Keep Your Receipts

Often as well as your actual receipt there will be a host of other papers printed on receipt paper that are coupons, vouchers or money off tokens.

Be sure to hang on to these, even if you feel rushed off your feet at the supermarket. You can always collect them and sift through them at regular intervals. 

Remember to make sure you don’t put off looking through those piles of paper for too long, the offers might expire.

Sign Up to Loyalty Programs 

It’s now easier than ever to become a member of a store’s loyalty programme and to make sure you collect your points. This is because most major stores have integrated their loyalty schemes either with their own specific app or with a mobile payment wallet like Apple Pay or Android Pay. 

Should you forget your paper loyalty card you can simply flash the e-card in your mobile wallet.

TESCO’s Pay+ now allows you to pay for your shopping and collect Clubcard points with one app, dispensing with the need to even remember to swipe your Clubcard in the app. When you pay your loyalty card is automatically credited with points. This scheme could earn you 25% extra points until August

Consider A Store Specific Credit Card

Many stores now offer their own credit card. The perks of signing up for one and doing all of your spending at that store through that card can often be extra points or better perks. 

But be careful! If you are going to use one, ensure that you pay it back in full every month and you are not tempted to spend more than you would anyway. 

Check The Store’s App

Often a store will have loads of deals and points for those that download its loyalty app. Make sure you sign up so you’re not missing out.

TESCO, for instance, has a specific coupon section on its Clubcard app that is in a different tab to your Clubcards that is not often opened. 

Check Coupon Websites

There are many websites out there that offer free vouchers, discounts and benefits for your local store. All you have to do is get online and download the vouchers you think you might want.

We have a free service that offers tons of coupons, vouchers and a weekly newsletter that keeps you up to date with the latest supermarket vouchers. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Our paid service includes a lot more exclusive deals and insights to help you save some serious money in the long run. 

Get Your Calculator Out

It’s one thing collecting all of these points and vouchers but now you need to see if you are going to actually save some money. 

Start by checking the expiry date on all of the coupons and receipts you have and casting aside any vouchers that are out of date. But be sure to double-check. It would be horrible to think you’d thrown away a really useful voucher or coupon. 

Then work out which ones are relevant to things you buy every week or need at the moment. There is no point in using a voucher for a discount on an item that you weren’t going to buy in the first place and don’t really need. Buying it would mean that you are not actually saving money. 

Compare Deals

Also, compare deals if you shop at more than one store. Decide where is best for you to spend your vouchers, as you might get better value for money at one store. Equally, where one shop may require you to spend all of your loyalty points, another might allow you to keep some. But which is better value will often depend on the actual monetary value of your points or how long it takes to save up for them. 

You might also want to see if buying in bulk saves you any money or if the store rewards you for doing so: remember this also saves the environment by reducing the amount of packaging you use. 

You Gotta Be In It to Win It.  

As they say, points equal prizes. Make sure you are being proactive with your hunt for the best deals and offers and you are maximising those loyalty points. 

People often complain about how long it takes to save money on their weekly shops. But, as was the case with this shopaholic, collecting vouchers and coupons saved her enough time and money to be able to spend time with her new-born baby. 

Actually, if you ensure you allocate some time each week to understanding your shopping habits and reviewing the latest offers, in the long term it could save you hundreds of pounds. 

If you’re serious about getting some hot UK deals and saving money be sure to check out our pricing options for our paid coupon and money-saving service.