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London Calling Cost-Cutting: 5 Ways to Find the Best London Coupons

London Calling Cost-Cutting: 5 Ways to Find the Best London Coupons

The average household in the UK has over £15,000 in debt! Not only can this be frustrating, but it can also damage your credit score and affect your ability to take out loans in the future.

When trying to pay your debt down, one of the best things you can do is cut costs whenever possible. Even doing small things like collecting London coupons and making sure the lights are turned off when you leave a room can add up over time and help you pay off your debt bit by bit.

When it comes time to hit the grocery store, you may be wondering where you can find the best coupons. After all, the more you save, the better!

Luckily, we have you covered. Keep reading to discover 5 places you can find coupons in London.

But First, How Much Can You Really Save?

Before we talk about where you can find coupons, let’s talk about if it’s really worth it.

If you already have a hectic life, like so many of us do, the last thing you probably feel like doing is clipping coupons. After all, does saving 50 pence on a box of crackers really make that much of a difference?

How much you save will vary based on the coupons you find, how much you normally spend, and how much effort you put into couponing. A UK resident recently bought £1,200 worth of food and paid for it all using coupons!

Now, you likely won’t be able to save quite that much. However, you can easily save a few hundred pounds by the end of the year if you make an effort to coupon every week.

Plus, as you’ll see, couponing doesn’t have to be so hard and time-consuming. Let’s take a look at the best places to find coupons in London.

1. Online

You can do everything from managing your retirement funds and bank accounts to shopping and applying for jobs online. So, it should come as no surprise that you can also find some great coupons here.

In order to collect free coupons, start by joining company Facebook pages and signing up for their newsletters. They’ll typically offer some great deals here that you can use.

However, sometimes the best thing you can do is spend a little money to save a lot. There are online sites that offer the best savings potential for a small membership fee.

If you’re wary of paying for a discount site, consider finding one that has both free and paid memberships. You can start by seeing how well the site works for you by using the free version. Then, you can upgrade to a paid version to get access to the best discounts possible.

2. In-Store Magazines

Although we’re in the age of technology, good old fashion newspaper coupons haven’t gone out of style. Most stores offer magazines that can either be mailed to your home or picked up in-store.

Take a few minutes to search through these magazines to find some amazing coupons. Of course, it’ll also advertise any great deals currently going on in the store.

Let's say you need to buy paper towels within the next two weeks. Normally, you may decide not to even go down that aisle since you can always pick them up next week. However, if you see the store is currently running a good deal on paper towels, you may decide to buy them this week after all, and end up saving some money.

3. On Products

Do you mindlessly grab for your favourite brand when grocery shopping? You may be missing out on tons of coupons that are right in front of you!

You can often find coupons placed right on products. Just take a minute to really look at your options.

Not only can you save money by using the coupon, but you may discover that you enjoy a cheaper brand better or just as much as the more expensive brand you’ve been buying. So, you can save even more money over time by purchasing the cheaper brand.

4. Store Loyalty Cards

Store loyalty cards are perhaps the easiest way to save when shopping. Just go to the customer service desk and ask to sign up for the card. Then, have the cashier scan it every time you go shopping.

Many stores offer special deals for loyalty card users. So, in essence, you have tons of coupons stored onto just one little card. Plus, many grocery stores with petrol stations will also offer discounts per litre of fuel when you use your card often.

The best part is that everyone qualifies for a loyalty card, and they’re completely free! So, don’t be afraid to sign up for a loyalty card at every grocery store you use. 

5. Contacting Brands

Do you have a brand that you absolutely love? Or, on the flip side, did you recently experience a problem with a product or its packaging?

Go ahead and contact the brand or manufacturer.

Companies love getting feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. By sharing your opinions, you could get rewarded with some free coupons.

Of course, this method doesn’t always work. So, don’t rely on it as a regular way to get coupons. However, it is a great way to get the occasional extra special coupon when you’re craving your favourite expensive brand.

Getting the Best London Coupons

Don’t shop without having a nice number of coupons on hand! From looking online to contacting the manufacturer, there are plenty of ways to get London coupons that can help you save big on your next shopping trip.

Are you ready to start saving money today? Then contact us today to learn how we can get you the best online coupons and discounts.