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Tips for People Starting Their Coupon Journey

Tips for People Starting Their Coupon Journey

Coupons aren't the easiest thing to use, so here are awesome tips to get started with coupons. Follow these tips for coupons and you'll be saving in no time.

Coupons conjure up the image of mums and grandmums pouring over binders in front of a fire in 1952. But despite coupon usage being a part of life for over a hundred and thirty years, it is far from being a dead art.

And art it is! Used correctly, coupons can save people hundreds in the long run. All it takes is a little time and effort and you are on your way. 

Here at We Do Savings, we are experts at the saving game.  So sit back and read on for nine tips for coupons - you can get what you want while paying far less than what is expected! 

What Do You Need?

Are jeans needed this month? Or how about a new winter jacket and boots? Are you running out of staples like flour and potatoes, or did you budget in Pink Himalayan Salt for this week?

Knowing what you need is critical when starting out in the coupon game. Keeping that clear in your head will prevent you from making an unnecessary purchase.

After all, if you see shoes at a good price or as part of a deal but have a closet full of them, is your money really going to the right place? Getting things you don't need wastes time and money.

Make an Inventory 

What do you and your family like to eat most often? Which laundry detergent smells like"home"? Which brands do you use on a daily basis?

Make an inventory of all the items your household uses regularly. Then, see if certain brands can be substituted for others to save money. Quite often, off-name brands can produce high-quality goods at a much lower price.

Also, include where you shop for these items - is it online? At a department store? Thrift stores?

Once you have finalized your list, let the collecting begin. 

Start Collecting 

To start smart shopping with coupons, you will need to get them! They may no longer be found on the backs of boxes and fewer and fewer flyers are sent out but you can still find them. 

Several websites offer daily deals. These websites only require basic information on your part for their free plans. Coupons can also be found in magazines, in newspapers, and at many storefronts. 

Organize, Organize, Organize

Organizing the coupons you collect is key to saving time and money. That way, you don't let coupons expire and can be fast at the checkout counter. Here are a few options for you to consider: 

Envelopes: Perfect for coupon beginners, you can store your coupons in an envelope. You can even write your shopping list on the outside of your envelope and get two things done! 

Accordion folder: These folders are weather resistant, extremely professional looking and contain categories - perfect for the perfectionist! 

Binders: As your collection grows, binders are great permanent homes. 

Research Policy

The last thing you want to do while attempting to save money is getting your cashier frustrated or find out last-minute that you cannot use a particular coupon.

A way around that is to research the store you are going to. Coupon policies vary from store to store and learning the policies will help prevent confusion. 

Join Loyalty Programs 

Loyalty and Rewards Programs have changed the savings game. Some stores tailor their rewards programs to fit your personal shopping trends. 

This option is perfect for those on a specific diet. If you stick to a monthly meal plan or buy the same food regularly, this is the option for you! Stack coupons with a loyalty program and you will save big time!  

Online Shopping 

68% of the British population shop online at least once a month and it's for a good reason! Promo codes can cut a price in half. Using plugins makes life even easier - they can automatically find codes to apply to the site you are shopping on. 

Couponing websites are also a quick and easy way to save money. 

Don't Hoard

Don't waste time printing, saving or cutting out coupons you won't use. And only buy what you need. Couponing is not an excuse or reason to stockpile unnecessarily! If you do so, you not only waste money but also much-needed space in your closets/cupboards.

A small side note to the hoarder/big-time saver: don't copy coupons either! It won't end well. In fact, depending on the country, copying coupons can lead to pretty heavy fines and potential jail time. It's just not worth it.

If It's Too Good to Be True...

There is a dark side to every good thing. And with coupons, this especially applies to deals that seem almost too good to be true. If you feel like the coupon you have is counterfeit, you can always check the Coupon Information Corporation online. 

How to Implement These Tips for Coupons 

The average household is in debt for over £15,000 in the UK. Staying far away from debt is now more important than ever before! So while we may have laughed at coupons in the past, collecting and using them wisely can really help the average household save big time!  

Keep things simple and use all the available resources around you. Give the coupon process time to work - you won't save a hundred dollars on your first shopping trip. Instead, watch as the savings begin to add up. 

For more tips for coupons and savings, feel free to look through our blog. And if you are ready to take the next step and use our powerful software to find you the best deals and promotions, sign up today!