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Call us on: 02034764531

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How it Works

Our site uses powerful software, and a complex algorithm to scan the Internet for all the best deals and promotions on an enormous range of products. The scope of the offers is constantly being updated, ensuring that what you receive is right up-to-date.

Once you have submitted initial basic information to join our site, you will be asked to enter your shopping preferences. This gives you the chance to tailor the list of products for which you receive discounts and promotional alerts. Whether you want to save up to 50% on beauty items, gardening, experiences, white goods, entertainment, soft furnishings, homewares, clothing or something else, we’ll almost certainly have a coupon or voucher on hand.

Price comparison with all the hard work done for you

When you get notification of a deal, our software will already have compared the price it’s available at from a range of different sources, factoring in the discounts and promotions available in each case. This means that the final offer that you receive is the most attractive. There’s no need to keep lots of coupons or spend hours trawling the net to find a coupon or deal that’s going to fit with your purchases. We will send you the best prices along with top offers as they become available.

Real life savings alerts as you shop

If you’re wondering down the high street, looking for a bargain, remember to check your phone! We send alerts every time you approach an outlet which has an item from your wish list on offer. This means you can be sure that when you buy, you’ll be buying at the best possible price available.

Simple, fast, uncomplicated and accurate

The main advantage of our system is that it saves you money! The second big benefit is that it’s very easy to use. Our algorithms do all the bargain-hunting and offer-searching for you, freeing you up to concentrate on other priorities. You need never cut out a coupon or make a note of a promotion again! We take the hard work out of using discounts and promotions, making sure you know what’s available without having to search through your offers to find the one you happen to need for that purchase.

Dedicated to saving you more and extremely simple to use, we aim to offer our customers the goods they want for far less than they would normally expect to pay.

WeDoSavings Coupons

How much can I save with coupons with WeDoSavings?Let’s face it, couponing has become a national hobby. People take pride in how much they can save with vouchers and coupons – and WeDoSavings can help you to do just that

Savvy shoppers are realising that it’s smart to make savings on their everyday purchases. Figures from Statista show more than 50% of UK consumers have used rewards or loyalty schemes at some point, while 45% have used coupons while carrying out their supermarket shop.

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