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There are two different price plans on offer:

FREE – our initial plan is FREE.
It includes giving you access to a range of heavily discounted goods, as well as coupons and money-off promotions for the items you’re interested in. FREE users receive a weekly round-up of offers and news, as well as the services of a pro-active deal monitor.

Paid for option
The main difference between the paid choice and the FREE option is that you get access to an even bigger selection of heavily discounted items. With daily deal alerts and a tailored profile of interests based on previous expenditure, the paid for option also offers a utility switching service.



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  • Access to thousands of products at massive discounts
  • Access to money saving coupons
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  • Proactive Deal Monitor

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How much can I save with coupons with WeDoSavings?Let’s face it, couponing has become a national hobby. People take pride in how much they can save with vouchers and coupons – and WeDoSavings can help you to do just that

Savvy shoppers are realising that it’s smart to make savings on their everyday purchases. Figures from Statista show more than 50% of UK consumers have used rewards or loyalty schemes at some point, while 45% have used coupons while carrying out their supermarket shop.

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